img1 Established in 1960, ACHEM has applied coating technology as its core competitiveness to produce and commercialize PSA tape products over four decades. ACHEM is the first PVC tape producer in Taiwan. As the first to develop solvent acrylic BOPP tape, it is known internationally as the leading manufacturer in the world for formulating and coating of various grades of acrylic adhesives.In order to service its customers and raise profitability, ACHEM proactively seeks to expand its product line. By deriving specialty chemicals and opto-electronic materials from the core know-how of coating technique, it has successfully migrated the distance from traditional to hi-tech industry. This policy not only connects the past and future of ACHEM but expands the border of ACHEM products.

ACHEM_Carton_Sealing_Tape Packaging Tapes Series

Carton sealing tape is made from thin strips of bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) which serves as the backing materials. This backing material is then coated with various thickness of acrylic adhesive for different weight requirements. This unique OPP carton-sealing tape was first invented by and introduced in Taiwan by ACHEM, and gained the first prize in the Packing Material Invention contest sponsored by the Taiwan Government. As OPP tape possesses the unique quality of being both light weight and of having a high tensile strength, it has been widely adopted in automated carton-sealing machines throughout many industries.

ACHEM Double Sided Tape Double-Sided Tape Series

These tapes use selected adhesives to coat both sides of a backing material, and are then pressed on to release paper or film for separation purposes. Double-sided tape is intended to replace glue for bonding purposes. Due to the wide range of applications, different backing materials along with various adhesives are used to achieve desired results. The most common backing materials are foam, paper, OPP, PVC and cloth.

ACHEM Industrial Tape Industrial Tapes Series

This class of tape is made from Soft Polyvinyl-chloride (SPVC) and coated with rubber adhesive. It has the properties of resisting moisture, humidity, corrosion and temperature variations. It is ideal for underground pipe or air duct wrapping/insulation. The bold duo-tone coloured tape is widely used as “Hazard warning Tape” for electrical / telephone posts, hazardous building sign, vehicles, ramps etc.

ACHEM Protective Tape Protective Tapes Series

Protective tapes have a wide range of applications. They can be made from the common backing materials of Polyethylene (PE), Soft Polyvinyl-chloride (SPVC), or Polypropylene (OPP) and then coated with either acrylic or rubber adhesives. They offer excellent protection against transportation and removal damage. They reduce scratches to copper foils, stainless steel sheets, aluminum plates, plastic surfaces, and enhance appearance while preserving the value of the product.

ACHEM Stationery Tape Stationery Tapes Series

This type of tape can utilize Polypropylene (OPP), Polyester (PET) or Cellophane as the backing material with either rubber or acrylic adhesive. In addition to the ease of tearing, our OPP tape is light and transparent, with a very thin adhesive coating, hence the lack of the “bleeding” phenomenon. Our polyester-based product offers a variety of colours. It is ideal for arts and crafts, gift-wrapping and food packaging applications.