POLYLUX's products are designed for the voltage conversion and electrical energy quality. It is our aim to offer a wide range of products in these fields, giving our customers solutions for their requests. POLYLUX is specialised in the application of the Cast Resin technique which provides several technical advantages to our products.  Our experience in the manufacturing of Cast Resin transformers has made us a leading company in this field.Thanks to our technological know how, we can meet all type of special requirements for specific products for high performance applications. We have a large experience in the manufacturing of transformers for demanding applications such as petrochemical industries, railways, hospitals, marine applications, wind energy, etc. Quality has always been fundamental to the development and manufacturing of our products. All POLYLUX products are designed, manufactured and tested according to the applicable international standards.

For this, POLYLUX has its own fully equipped laboratory to perform all necessary tests. The quality of our products has been certified on numerous occasions by independent certification institutes and laboratories.We have our ECO hallmark, assurance that the product meets high standards of performance and low losses, and our MEDICAL hallmark assigned to the certification of the products that ensure the most demanding specifications for installations in medical locations. Permanent innovation is the base for adapting us to new market demands and for continuing to be a leading company in our field.  In this context we are continuously improving our product range and developing new products that offer new solutions to our customers. The more and more important issue of harmonic problems in the electrical networks has inspired us to develop a unique range of harmonic filters named ‘Compensators’. The Compensator harmonic filters are based on a new concept and offer several advantages with respect to other filters in the market. We have developed a new range of control transformers with very innovating features, unique characteristics and a very attractive design. The ‘P’ transformer ‘The ultimate transformer design’ has been developed to meet today’s market demands. Many innovation projects have been carried out and many more are yet to come as we will continue to introduce new products and solutions in the future.