PRO>N … Intelligent Electronic Devices

The SMART.line and PRO>N are the Thytronic last generation of protective devices built on a common platform. The compact size, the different types of assembly and the availability of measuring inputs suitable for 1 A and 5 A rated current from conventional CT, from low-power transformers (LPCT) or combined sensors (ThySensor), allows easy customization of protective relays inside any electric plant environment. They are the definitive solution for the comprehensive protection in distribution networks, substations and industrial plants with any level of application.
Our pride for power system protection
Pro-N is Thytronic high-end and comprehensive solution for power generation and distribution Protection & Control suitable for a wide range of application: selective protection of distribution
feeders, power transformers, motors, generators, capacitor Pro-N is intended for protection and supervision of HV/MV primary substations, power generators, large industrial plants like those in Oil & Gas, paper and metal industry, offshore installation. Pro-N constitutes a series of IED’s with embedded protection, measurement, automation, control, & communication:
  • Numerical processing – Firmware updating
  • Multifunctional – Protective elements integration for feeders, Busbars and utility interconnections, transformers, motors and generators.
  • Metering: – High accuracy measurements – Sequence of Event Recorder (SER)- Sequence of Fault Recorder (SFR) – Digital Fault Recording (DFR)
  • Modular Design – Hardware expandability
  • Communication – Multiple protocols:
    – RS485 based protocols (Modbus RTU, IEC870-5, DNP3)
    – Ethernet based protocols (Modbus TCP/IP, IEC61850)
  • Embedded Programmable Logic according to EC61131 protocol
SMART.line is a low-cost solution for reliable protection Thytronic low-cost digital protection relay line designed and developed to cover OEM’s and industrial applications. Smart relays are intended for protection of MV secondary distribution transformers, light substations, industry. Effective design, user-friendliness and availability of powerful microprocessor makes SMART line an excellent alternative for power system protection worldwide.
  • Cost effective
  • Measuring
  • Easy to configure and operate
  • Switchgear control
  • ThySetter PC Software
  • Easy integration into remote acquisition systems
  • Compact design, flush and projecting mounting
  • Full diagnostic