PRO>N Extended … Enhanced Protection

Enhanced hardware for demanding applications

The Extended is the Thytronic high level platform for the comprehensive protection in distribution networks, substations and industrial plants with any level of application: selective protection of feeders, power transformers, motors, generators, bank capacitors inside large industrial plants (Oil & Gas), metallurgy and paper industry and offshore installations.


  • More binary I/O without external expansion modules
  • More communication ports with redundancy and TX (RJ45) and/or FX (optical fiber) connections
  • IRIG-B Synchronization with clock input
  • More protective elements
  • Rated current 1/5 A selectable by sw
  • Highly customizable by means of plug and play internal modules (I/O, Pt100, 4-20 mA analog output,…)

By means of multiple functions integration the protection system reliability is increased by reducing the number of discrete elements subject to failure: this results in continuity of service and reliability of generation and distribution systems.
Digital signal processing, together with a strong integration of protection, metering, control and communication functions led to the use of a high performance hardware platform. Flash memories, together with the local communication interface, enables the firmware to be updated quickly and reliably. The use of flash memory, together with the Ethernet local interface, allows a fast and reliable firmware upgrade.
View to an extension of Smart Grids, with more and more signifi cant integration of Distributed Generation (DG), the ability of a system to share and exchange information and services with other systems is an essential skill.
The availability of Modbus ® RTU, IEC 60870-5-103, DNP3, IEC 61850 and/or DNP3 embedded protocols is a prerequisite for full interoperability between devices oof different manufacturers.
ThySetter and ThyVisor are parameter setting and confi guration tools that provide a simple and effective graphical user interfaces for displaying and modifying setting data, displaying the device confi guration, displaying the waveform capture recordings, programmable logic compilation (PLC), saving the variables measured and setting variables in fi les, importing and exporting the data in text or Windows format. Advanced logic-based messages transmitted over the network (selectivity logic with virtual inputs and outputs, customized automation, process control, etc..) may be developed easily and quickly by the operator.


The protective system for a feeder and a transformer is largely dependent on the size and the importance of the transformer. In case of transformers the usual practise is to provide overcurrent delayed and instantaneous protection for overloads, external short-circuit, terminal faults, winding faults. NVA100X-B is suitable for all these application and, moreover, also for protecting feeders and transformers from earth fault in case grounding through impedance, solidly earthed or isolated. Phase-to-phase faults, interturn faults, core faults are the other typical cases.

The increasing amount of the dispersed generation (DG) requires a protection for Anti-islanding based on the Voltage-Frequency functions. Thanks to NVA100X-V is possible to disconnect the DG in case of abnormalities in voltage or frequency, if one or more phases are disconnected from the grid supply, rapidly disconnecting from the network before the first reclosing shot. Protection strategies for this application are divided into these two categories passive methods and communication-based methods which are completely covered by the NVA100X-V.

When the protective system for a feeder and a power transformer requires also power measurements and the size and the importance of the transformers increases, NVA100X-P is the most suitable relay for such applications. NVA100X-P provides are also power factor, active and reactive power monitoring and control features on interchange lines, feeders or, generally, on generators and transformers risers.

All the faults associated to generators can be classified as either insulation failures or abnormal conditions. An insulation failure will result in either an interturn fault, phase to phase fault or an earth fault bringing the winding into direct contact with the core. NVA100X-G provides high level protection and a wide range of possible settings to confi gure the adopted protection scheme. The fundamental problems affecting the choice of motor protection are independent on the type of load to which it is connected. NVA100-G provides the widest covering for typical problems like heating of motor windings, overload protection, motor current during starting and stall conditions, stalling of motors, unbalanced supply voltages, sequence of the current and stator protection.

The harmonic producing part of total load has increased continuously because of the massive usage of power electronics in all the voltage levels, commonly adopted in industrial applications and power utilities. Filter capacitor banks consist of capacitor bank and series connected reactor. Their purpose is to absorb the harmonic currents generated by loads and all above mentioned power electronic devices. The aim of NVA100X-C is to provide the most enhanced solution for such an application granting capacitor bank safe operations for all the typical configuration such as: single Wye grounded, single Wye ungrounded (with a resistor on the output of the neutral unbalance voltage transformer in order to develop the appropriate input current for the unbalance protection)
and double Wye ungrounded.

The NVA100X-D relay is the comprehensive solution for the protection of generators, motors and transformers.
By integrating all protection elements, including the compensated differential (87), the I / O fl exibility (hardware and virtual) and the availability of the main communication protocols, the relay can be successfully employed as primary and backup protection in industrial systems with operating generators, motors and transformers

The transformer is a key asset for the operation of electric power systems. A modern protection system must provide measures to ensure a fast monitoring of the parameters that give an early warning about incipient faults, in order to trip before an irreversible damage. The NVA100X-T, protection relay as well as to ensure fast response
on internal faults, is particularly robust in all algorithms (eg saturation control of transformers), that avoid nuisance tripping, harbingers of significant damage to continuity of service.

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